Blue Scholars

genuineHI brought the Blue Scholars out to Hawaii in June of 2008, organizing a 21-and-up show at Next Door in downtown Honolulu and an all ages show at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Promotion duties were solely handled by genuineHI, from booking through The Agency Group, purchasing and arranging airfare and hotel accommodations, to doing press releases, flyer and ticket design, street-level promotion, and scheduling guest appearances at local college radio station KTUH FM Honolulu.

Local hip-hop acts Kavet the Catalyst and The Soul Pacific opened up the night at Next Door, with DJ Bumble Bee warming up the capacity crowd of 350 who were in attendance to see Geologic and DJ Sabzi rock a set in Hawaii for the first time.

Those who were there can tell you that it was one of the best shows of the year, and the Blue Scholars agreed that it was one of their favorite performances.

For the all ages show, the momentum from the first show was carried over to a younger but equally enthusiastic crowd.

Local hip-hop outfits Creed Chameleon, Audible Lab Rats, Nomasterbacks, The Perfect Median, and DJ Packo were enlisted to get everybody warmed up one more time. The show wasn’t just for the kids either, as there were even a few attendees who had seen the Blue Scholars at Next Door two days earlier and came back again for a second helping.

Kero One

When genuineHI caught wind that Kero One was going to be in Hawaii for a friend’s wedding in May 2008, we couldn’t help but ask if we could set up a show while he was there. He obliged, and the beautiful Chinatown lounge spot thirtyninehotel was chosen as the venue.

There were a bunch of hip-hop heads that came to the show who snapped up Kero One’s music at the merch table. The vinyl releases went especially fast.

Kero One was originally planning to just do a DJ set, but due to popular request by those in attendance, he agreed to do a short live set of his own material.

It was a nice, small, intimate show, and fans of Kero One were stoked that he came out to perform and share some of his music.

The Next Movement

Art | Music | Fashion

This monthly event ran from June 2007 – May 2008 and took place at Next Door in the Chinatown district of downtown Honolulu. It featured live performances by local hip-hop crews, live painting by local artists, and a fashion show featuring local designers and boutiques.

Professional lighting systems were acquired for the show. Full hair & makeup for the fashion show was provided by JPS Dressers, a Paul Mitchell salon and school. Models were recruited on a volunteer basis in exchange for valuable runway experience. But when it came down to it, they had so much fun doing the show that they were willing to help out month after month.

Local hip-hop artists were given a solid platform on which to showcase their music to a wide audience, some of whom may not have heard of them before. With a mixture of art mediums exhibited at the event, the opportunity arose for cross-pollination between the Honolulu art, music, and fashion scenes. Bring it all together in Chinatown’s best club, and you had something that stretched the boundaries of what a nightclub experience should be like.

The series was one of Next Door’s most successful monthly events. The authority of Honolulu nightlife blogs named it best vibe for 2007. The 350-person-capacity club was consistently packed each month, without relying on a mainland or international artist as a draw. Keeping the talent showcase local, The Next Movement set a new standard in Honolulu nightlife, and the art/music/fashion formula continues to be emulated by Hawaii promoters.